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Introducing "Performance Hydration" - the ultimate solution for anyone looking to optimize their hydration and performance during physical activity!

Our specially-formulated drink contains a perfect balance of flavoring, sugar, and essential electrolytes, including sodium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, and potassium. These key nutrients help replenish your body's fluids and electrolytes, which are lost during sweating and physical exertion.

The delicious flavoring and sugar in "Performance Hydration" make it easy to consume and enjoy, ensuring that you stay hydrated and energized throughout your workout or activity. Our unique blend of electrolytes helps regulate your body's fluid balance, maintain proper pH levels, and support nerve and muscle function.

Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just someone who wants to stay hydrated and feel great, "Performance Hydration" is the perfect solution for you. So why settle for plain water when you can fuel your body with a delicious and effective hydration drink?

Try "Performance Hydration" today and experience the benefits of optimal hydration and performance!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Thomas Varga
Pleasantly Surprised

Not a huge watermelon fan but the starting watermelon flavor is perfect. Could use a tad less sweeteners but overall enjoyable to drink.

Danyell Russell
Delicious and Pelvic Floor PT Approved ✅

I am a CrossFit athlete and pelvic floor physical therapist in Texas. This hydration drink tastes phenomenal and helps me stay hydrated in this crazy Texas summer. As a pelvic floor PT, I recommend all of my clients take electrolytes to help replenish their electrolytes and keep them hydrated. I love that I can trust these ingredients and (unlike many hydration drinks) it includes magnesium, which is crucial for not only your hydration but also your pelvic health!


I was pleasantly surprised. I had a sample that was good enough to make me want to buy the tub at Austin Fit Fest. This formula has become my new addiction. I put it on ice and it’s 1000x better than your typical electrolyte drink. It’s light, it’s flavorful, it’s the right amount of sweet, and it hydrates really well. Pretty sure I’ve had 9 scoops of it in the 5 days since I bought it. I’ll definitely be ordering more. I like taking the opportunity to support and buy local when I can, but it’s that much better when the product is as good as this has been.

Nick Wilson
Excellent Product

Aside from its amazing taste, my favorite thing about this product is that I can be hydrated without having to use the restroom every 10 minutes.

Robert Moore

Tastes great and helps recovery and rehydration like nothin else