Real Rehydration Without Sacrificing Taste

Ascend your life during and after training

Train longer and feel better with a full panel of electrolytes based off of how much you lose while you sweat

Climb more obstacles

on your path to success

  • Replenish

    Replace all 5 electrolytes with proper dosages instead of lowered cost

  • Recharge

    Refill your battery with a pinch of carbs to increase energy and properly digest the electrolytes

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the taste of a properly balanced sweet/salty drink with no added thickeners or artifical colors

  • Ascend

    Break through training plateaus by being able to put more effort and energy into every session

  • Rehydrate with Natural Watermelon

    Unlike other brands, we avoid artificial flavoring where possible to make sure we capture the actual taste as advertised

Rebuild Recover Ascend


Our beverage aids in restoring and rejuvenating your body's essential components, ensuring you're ready to tackle your next challenge after physical activity.


We emphasize the vital importance of replenishing lost fluids and maintaining proper hydration levels for overall well-being.


Our product supports your journey to reach new heights and achieve your goals by providing the hydration and nutrients needed for success.


I am a CrossFit athlete and pelvic floor physical therapist in Texas. This hydration drink tastes phenomenal and helps me stay hydrated in this crazy Texas summer. As a pelvic floor PT, I recommend all of my clients take electrolytes to help replenish their electrolytes and keep them hydrated. I love that I can trust these ingredients and (unlike many hydration drinks) it includes magnesium, which is crucial for not only your hydration but also your pelvic health!

I was pleasantly surprised. I had a sample that was good enough to make me want to buy the tub at Austin Fit Fest. This formula has become my new addiction. I put it on ice and it’s 1000x better than your typical electrolyte drink. It’s light, it’s flavorful, it’s the right amount of sweet, and it hydrates really well. Pretty sure I’ve had 9 scoops of it in the 5 days since I bought it. I’ll definitely be ordering more. I like taking the opportunity to support and buy local when I can, but it’s that much better when the product is as good as this has been.

Aside from its amazing taste, my favorite thing about this product is that I can be hydrated without having to use the restroom every 10 minutes.